Caries is the most common cause of tooth damage. It causes demineralization and breakdown of hard tooth tissues. Conservative dentistry deals with its prevention and treatment of its consequences. As part of conservative and aesthetic dentistry, I offer filling cavities of carious and non-carious origin with the latest generation filling materials, most often with a nano-hybrid composite material. A varied palette of colors and translucency of these materials allows for a perfect match of the filling to the actual tooth color so that the reconstruction of lost tooth tissues is as natural and aesthetic as possible.

Conservative treatment is:

  • caries treatment
  • filling cavities at the cervical
  • reconstruction of broken teeth
  • tooth reconstruction on glass fiber
  • splinting loose teeth
  • changing the shape and color of the teeth
  • closing diastema - gaps between the teeth
  • internal whitening of a discolored, dead tooth
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